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    How do do I measure when parts intersect?

    Scott Baugh

      Why can I not get an X,Y,Z measurement of 2 parts that intersect. Particularly I want to know how far they intersect so I can make a change instead of always guessing or making special sketches to get a measurement that should be given to me when I measure. I have tried edges, points, faces and only points give me a round about idea, but when there are no points to work with it makes it very hard. See the below image:


      measure 1.jpg

      I tried the point option in the measure tool and that rarely works for what I am after.




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          Roland Schwarz

          two best ways to inspect an intersection:


          3D sketch--make an intersection curve by selecting suspect bodies



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            Steven Barry



            You might consider adding some reference geometry into your assembly, from the "insert" menu (plane, axis, or point).  You can then use that to create further reference geometry if needed, or measure from there when you have enough information.

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                Scott Baugh

                Thanks guys! I will try these ideas out.  In the past I have added planes and\or sketch geometry but sometimes the models are not as simple to add more geometry, plus it takes time away from what I need to be doing... let me ask you this, don't you think that the measure tool should be able to determine that information already by my selections, especially since all the information is already there? I specified X,Y,Z as my measuring from location. I just don't see how this tool doesn't give better feedback than what is shown above without me having to add extra data just to get a basic measurement.


                I know this will be an ER, but with all the hip over the years about the changes in measure tool, they forgot this one.