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Best practices for a sketch spline through points?

Question asked by Daen Hendrickson on Mar 9, 2016

I am using SW2014 SP5.


I am trying to create a model of an existing shape using sketch splines. I am not a power user of splines so my experience with this part has been a bit troubled. I am hoping someone can point me towards some general best practices using splines.


I understand you want to create them with as few spline points as possible.


The attached model represents a fiberglass seat bottom. Your suggestions regarding my approach are appreciated. The "Points" sketch represents measurements taken from the physical seat. The "Profile" sketch contains the spline that should go through each of the points. It manages to go through many of the points, but not all. The points were derived with a "handy Stanley Tape measure" - not a CMM.


The model will probably be "close enough" as is, but I would like to learn to manage splines better. I am not shooting for the ultra smooth surfaces that you consumer goods folks work on. But I would like to get past the feeling of "fighting" splines.


My ultimate goal for this part is to create additional sketches and loft a surface, then thicken into the fiberglass shell. I need it to be sufficiently precise to be able to design mating parts. Below is a screen shot of the original model that does NOT match the actual part to a level that can be designed to. Your thoughts on the surfacing approach would be appreciated as well.