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Draftsight not saving drawing correctly as DXF

Question asked by Chris Mackedanz on Mar 9, 2016

I have a very odd situation happening here, let me attempt to explain this.


If I take a dxf provided to me from a manufacturer and open it in Draftsight, edit it and save it & close it.  Either over the original or as a new file.  When I open it or another engineer here opens it entities are missing, start or end points are changed, text size has increased a lot, and just turns into something that is unusable.


Here's the weird thing, if I first save it as a .dwg we can open it and everything is fine.  Other engineers are able to save it with no problem as a dxf, yet mine still turns to garbage.


Other things of note,

This just started happening this week, yet I don't recall installing anything new on my machine.  Perhaps maybe a system update?

It happens when I save to my local hard drive and to a network drive.

I've done a complete uninstall and re-install, rebooted, upgraded to the 2016 version they just released.  This problem will not go away!


I realize that this is a problem on my machine...I just can't track it down!