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File - Save All (2015 vs. 2016)

Question asked by Tim Rosendal Halvorsen on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by Tim Rosendal Halvorsen

Hello everyone,


I have a question which is not answered correctly in the help file.

The help file states this:

2016 SOLIDWORKS Help - Save All


If I have an assembly open in SOLIDWORKS 2015 and press File - Save All, only changed documents are saved.

It actually works as if pressing the Save with only assembly open - SW know about the modified documents.


If I do the same in SOLIDWORKS 2016, ALL my files are saved.


See this video where I show the problem:


capture 62 - YouTube



This works different if you try it in SOLIDWORKS 2015 - so this is why I ask... Is it a bug? Is help file not accurate?