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API MacroFeature with Properties manager

Question asked by Julien Maulbault on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Artem Taturevych


I would like to do a macrofeature where you can manage parameters by the properties manager..

I'm trying to do this behavior.

SolidWorks API macro feature demonstration - YouTube


So I fact :

- Insert a macro feature when I click on a button on the toolbar.

- Create and open properties manager after the macro feature insertion.

- Close the properties manager then udpate de feature

- Store property values in the model (3rdpartystorage)

- Be able to edit the macro feature by the property manger panel.


I found separate sample for all this things.

But when I try to mix all to get the same think of the video, I fail.


The big question is :

- Is there a sample somewhere with the complete scenario ?


if not, other questions to try to do it by myself :

- Is right that a I have to store parameters values in the 3rdPartyStorage ?

- How to manage the feature suppression, to clean the data (feature properties) store on the model ?

- When should I store data on the model ? When user backup (save) ? At the end of each property edition ?


I still dreaming to find the code used in the video to show me the path.


Thank you.