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Keeping BOM numbers consistant across multiple sheets eventhou not same assembly

Question asked by Jere Koskinen on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Jim Sculley

Hello, curiosity question here


I have drawing of an assembly where on the first sheet I have BOM and balloons of an assembly of five parts. Then on the second sheet I need to display a single part from the assembly, to give some manufacturing info, and I want to attach a balloon to it which gives the same number as in sheet 1. Also I dont want to display a BOM on sheet 2. Is there a clever way to do this, some switch somewhere that makes the BOM on sheet 1 span all sheets of the drawing?


On a related note, sheet 2 currently shows the title block information of the single part. Can I somehow elegantly make it show the title info of sheet 1, as in the assemblies info.