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"Your computer is unable to connect to the SOLIDWORKS Visualize Licensing Server"

Question asked by Derek Roberts on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by LIN SHAODUN

Hi everyone.


My company has a mandatory proxy built in, requiring username/password authorization to access the internet, sometimes on a case-by-case basis. When trying to activate my copy of Visualize, I get met with the subject message.

I can't connect to another network, and to get through the proxy, I have to provide said username and password. Is there a way to pre-authorize this program, or a way to do a different method of authorization? Or is there a specific IP address for the licensing server I can look to try and allow access? This is frustrating. I had no problem doing this on my laptop (for my other S/N, same company) through a VPN directly from SWW2016, so I don't know what the issue is. It's hard to have a dedicated workstation PC unable to user the rendering software it's designed to handle...