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I am looking for a macro that converts a part that is used in multiple assemblies into a virtual part.

Question asked by Cole Korte on Mar 8, 2016

We have multiple parts that contain several configurations used for multiple custom assemblies. For example, a length of flexible PVC maintains a part number within our PDM system. Within that part number of PVC there are multiple configurations. This means that wherever this part is used, which is several different custom assemblies, this part hogs a lot of disk space because it has to carry its multiple configs., even though it only needs one for that specific assembly. Our solution is to convert the PVC part into a virtual part in every assembly that it is used and delete that virtual parts' unneeded configs.


So the question I am asking is this:

Is there a macro out there that prompts for a part number, finds where it is used, converts it to a virtual part, and deletes all unnecessary configurations within that virtual part?


If not, what other way might I automate this process? As of now, it is extremely time consuming.


Thanks for any help,


Cole Korte