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    Heads up toolbar

    Alan Knapper

      Okay, I know this was supposedly answered a year ago, but the solution given makes no sense to me. Read: I don't understand how to go about applying the solution given, and further wonder why such a (rather drastic) solution is necessary.


      SW16 SP01


      If the Heads Up Toolbar is completely depopulated, you've basically deleted it from the program. Checking the "active" box does nothing. You can no longer manipulate it in any way, because the software no longer recognizes that there's anything there.


      I tried making a mouse gesture for the items I typically have in my heads up, but there aren't enough spots in one of those, unfortunately.


      How to restore it, hopefully aside from some IT type stuff that I have no idea how to achieve, and would rather not have to bother those guys with?



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          Kevin Berni

          Hi Alan,

          Do you care about resetting other toolbars at the same time? If you are ok with setting all of the toolbars back to defaults, you could go to Tools>Customize>Toolbars and click the Reset to Defaults button in the lower left. That should bring the HUD to its original state. 


          I was just playing around with the HUD toolbar and I can't seem to get it to remove the very last icon from the toolbar. Did you turn it off completely? Try going to Tools> Customize>Toolbars and see if the View (Heads-Up) is unchecked.

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              Alan Knapper

              I've "reset to defaults" three or four times, shut SW down, restarted the entire computer, and the heads up has not been restored, nor has it reset any of my customized toolbars.


              I did not turn off that toolbar (I wasn't aware what it was called at the time), I just kept dragging icons off it, and when the last one dropped off, it was gone.


              Oh, and it is checked as "on." I've flipped that little check mark over a dozen times in the last two days, hoping this time will be the charm...

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              Glenn Schroeder

              You've probably already tried this, but just to get the obvious out of the way:  Have you right-clicked at the top of your monitor to get the list of toolbars, selected "Customize", and tried to drag commands to the Heads-up toolbar location to see if they'll stick?  And if you've tried that, what happened?

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                  Alan Knapper

                  If I try to drag anything anywhere but into a "legitimate" toolbar (it doesn't recognize the top of the graphics area as a valid toolbar anymore), the icon I'm dragging is accompanied by a nasty red box with an X in it, and won't drop. The red X only goes away when I get into a recognized toolbar.

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                      Alan Knapper

                      Okay, guys,


                      I finally broke down and asked IT to reset me. I'm back where I want to be.


                      Please, fix this, for other poor folks who don't realize this is going to happen, because it obviously can and does...


                      Thanks for your help.

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                          Jim Wilkinson

                          hi Alan,


                          The problem is, we don't know how you got into this state. If you are dragging buttons off of the heads-up view toolbar, it will allow you to drag them all off except for the last one; it simply won't drag off. So, that is supposed to prevent you from ever getting into the state you got into. So, do you know how you got into this state? Were you actually dragging buttons off and WERE able to drag the last one off? If so, can you reproduce that because we are not able to. If you are, let us know what kind of document you have open when it happens.

                          Or, did the heads-up view toolbar just mysteriously disappear? If that is the case, then something bad probably happened to your registry to destroy the information that defines the heads-up toolbar. Unfortunately, trying to track down how that happened is very difficult because it may not have been due to anything in SOLIDWORKS itself.


                          If you can give us any clues as to how you got into this state, we can investigate further.




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                              Alan Knapper

                              I don't remember exactly how it did happen. It's not the kind of thing you think about while you're doing it, because when you're working with the other toolbars, you remove the last icon and it just sits there empty. The assumption is that there's a "ghost" toolbar sitting up there for you to re-populate.


                              I do remember that that last icon didn't go easily, but I don't recall how I managed to make it go away (it did happen a few days ago, after all, and I'm not getting any younger). All I do know is that, once it was gone, the whole thing was gone. I don't believe I turned off the toolbar, because, at the time, I didn't really even know what it was called. It was only when I was trying to get it back that I noticed the switch in the list. I don't even remember if, when I saw the switch, whether it was turned on or off at the time. All I know for sure is, nothing happened.


                              And unfortunately, as you've seen from one of my other posts on this thread, the "reset to default" didn't do anything, either to the heads-up, nor to any of the other customized toolbars I'd created, so that might need to be looked into, as well.


                              Sorry I can't be more help. If the light goes on at some point, I'll certainly say something.


                              Thanks a lot. I appreciate it.

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                                Umberto Zanola

                                I did it minutes ago.

                                Try to REMOVE icons from the bar starting from the left icon , when you remove the section icon SW CRASHES


                                I tried it on both 2015 SP5 an 2016 SP1, if you resume SW after the crash and edit it again,

                                skip the section icon and start removing the others when 2 remaining icons remains the bar disappear.


                                ON SW2015 I TRIED A COUPLE OF TIME TO REPRODUCE THE CRASH AND IT LEAD TO SW COMPLETE CORRUPTION (hangs on file open, corrupted templates). As side note on SW2015 after some crash it didn't crashed again so I added icons to the head up again and removed them. IT CRASHED AGAIN AND CORRUPTED THE WHOLE INSTALLATION.


                                THIS IS DANGEROUS!

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                          Umberto Zanola

                          I fell in the same problem and you must rename the registry key of Solidworks to get it back, so something gets wrong inside the settings there. Also be careful as editing that bar can destroy SW installation, I had to wipe every folder and registry key and go for a full SW reinstall as editing the head up lead to multiple crash and installation corruption apparently (reproduced twice).