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Heads up toolbar

Question asked by Alan Knapper on Mar 9, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 17, 2016 by Umberto Zanola

Okay, I know this was supposedly answered a year ago, but the solution given makes no sense to me. Read: I don't understand how to go about applying the solution given, and further wonder why such a (rather drastic) solution is necessary.


SW16 SP01


If the Heads Up Toolbar is completely depopulated, you've basically deleted it from the program. Checking the "active" box does nothing. You can no longer manipulate it in any way, because the software no longer recognizes that there's anything there.


I tried making a mouse gesture for the items I typically have in my heads up, but there aren't enough spots in one of those, unfortunately.


How to restore it, hopefully aside from some IT type stuff that I have no idea how to achieve, and would rather not have to bother those guys with?