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    Conversion to STL - Batch or Macro?

    Adam Snow

      Is there a way to automate the saving of STL files from SolidWorks?

      I'd like to point the software to a folder, and have it export an STL for each SolidWorks model. But, I'd be agreeable to having to open all of the SolidWorks files at once, and using some sort of Save All As. But only the Save All option exists.


      I thought the Task Scheduler would be perfect for this, but it does not have STL as an option. Why can't ALL of the Save As options function from inside of the Task Scheduler?


      I found a post from 2012, and Deepak posted a macro. I gave it a try, but nothing happens. Does anyone have a working macro, or the knowledge to fix this one? https://forum.solidworks.com/message/312117

      The other option Deepak mentions is to open all of the files into an assembly, and then save the assembly as an STL. This works OK, and is a lot like a Save All As option, but it also appends the name of the assembly as a prefix to the file name. I can't have new file names, so that leads to another step of batch renaming files.


      Any thoughts?