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Loft Disappears after Parting Lines

Question asked by Matthew Lyon on Mar 8, 2016

Hi all,


New to the forum. I have checked the forum FAQ but cannot find a similar topic. I'm running SW 2013 and I'm having an issue with a feature disappearing after using the parting line tool. Below I have a picture of a RC wing that I am trying to create a mold from. It consists of two lofts merged together.




When select the parting line tool, I can still see both lofts, but the tip portion disappears after choose 'split faces' in order to select the parting line.



I can still select the correct parting line even though the loft has disappeared. I have find the line manually as the automatic chooser will ignore it. After creating the parting line and hitting Ok, the outer loft portion is still not visible. The features are listed as visible (I have even toggled that) and I see not issue of transparency. 



I have also tried adding parting lines by using the silhouette split line tool and the exact same thing happens. Any help would be great. Thanks!