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Hot off the presses, 9 CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING A 3D CAD SYSTEM from SolidWorks

Question asked by Chris Clouser on Mar 9, 2016

Just got this in my email.  I had to look, just like an accident on the freeway.


My review, I couldn’t resist, it was just too ironic…


1.  Capable, efficient 3D design


Somewhat.  The efficiency of the program has recently been significantly damaged in my opinion and it appears the opinions of many others with regards to the interface change, including color change, icon change, and command placement changes or total elimination.


Capable, what does that mean?  Many times it can’t do a simple loft or sweep.  Often, it can’t section where you want because of ZTG.  So capable is going to be defined by whoever sets the bar.  Ignorance is bliss, and a low bar is a measure of satisfaction.


2.  Compatibility with customers and suppliers


Sometimes.  Just don’t try to cleanly import anything from Inventor or ProE that has non-manifold geometry!!  Which is quite often, as I’ve experienced, it’s more often than not.  ZTG error sucks!


3.  Drafting tools that meet your standards


If you have low to moderate standards, then yes.  Otherwise, there is much room for improvement.  The sketch environment is a mess.  For one, don’t try to have anything complex in a sketch, for instance, anything imported from ACAD.  SWX defecates (wanting to use a stronger word here) itself when the sketch entity count goes up.  The program is unusable.  Then it’s back to the ancient program of AutoCAD so that you can actually get some real sketching done!  Sad, just sad.


The drawing environment also leaves much to be desired.  This seems to be the least stable aspect of the program.  Numerous times I’ve had extremely complex drawings with multiple pages get corrupted and have to be trashed often throwing away weeks of work.  Drawings are often the source of frequent crashing.


4.  Reliability and stability


HA! HA!  Stability?  Should I even respond!?


5.  Pleasant business relationships


NO.  The new full-backdating isn’t a pleasant relationship-builder in any way.  This practice can’t really be called racketeering, but it does have the feel of a shakedown.


Also, constant marketing.  I feel like their ATM.  Dang, lay off a bit.  We get it, the quarter is almost over and you need to boost the numbers!


6.  Built-in applications that help your business


Built-in??  OR add-in for a $$$ healthy fee $$$???


7.  Short learning curve


I can’t speak to this one, having learned it in the late ‘90’s when it wasn’t cluttered with lots of bells and whistles and there were color icons.


8.  Innovative R&D to protect your investment


Not if your users are correct.  Many are saying that the direction is WRONG.  What they are saying is that the whole 3DExperience is more like 3DExcrement.  R&D needs to be on the core product, revamping the 20 year old platform with a new, capable kernel, and adding direct modeling among other things (LIKE VOICE COMMANDS, DUH).


3DExperience sounds like something a bunch of exec’s came up with that have never used SWX to earn a living.


9.  A dealer who can help you