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Save as step/sldprt/dxf/pdf from drawing

Question asked by Ian McLean on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2017 by Daniel McBride

Hi, I need a macro that saves a drawing as dxf and pdf, and also the part as a step and sldprt all with the drawing revision on the end, and to a particular folder.

We need the sldprt with revision to send to sheetmetal suppliers who do their brake press programming in Solidworks addin

I was able to mod the macro here:

How to make a macro that saves a part as STEP in a specific folder using property name i file name?


and add bit to save as sldprt but:


If the drawing is saved, it saves linked to the part with revision on the end rather than the original part.

Is there an option to use the "file save as copy and continue"?

When I record this as a macro it seems to put 0,3 on the end but the linked macro doesn't seem to have this bit for the save as step


Also I need to add in the path to save the files to.


Any help greatly appreciated:), as you can probably tell my API expertise is near zero.