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Markup/measure with SW

Question asked by Markku Lehtola on Nov 15, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2007 by Markku Lehtola

situation: no eDrawings Professional available, no money to upgrade
and get it.
need: free/low cost tool for clients to markup drawings and models
available: best that I've been found so far is Autodesk DWF Writer +
Design Review (both free and works with SW as well)

question: is there any better solutions available? Something that
would work through web browser would be great
solutions: found several free DMS-softwares that work with browser,
could maybe use PDF's with them...any other solutions?

ps. how can Adesk provide FREE tools for _everyone_ but SW don't do
that, not even for their own clients??! Shame on :-)