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    Visualize Boost

    Bryon Morell

      What is the SolidWorks Visualize Boost Product ?

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          Alan Sweetenham

          Boost is network rendering and should be available in a future service pack if all goes to plan i believe but is not currently part of the Visualize SP0 release. As i understand it 1 seat of boost will be included with every visualize professional license.


          There is also powerboost which is for hooking up to a really powerful server like the NVIDIA GRID VCA.

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            Selvam Selladurai

            SOLIDWORKS Visualize Boost will help us distribute render from a computer where we run SOLIDWORKS Visualize to one or more computers on a network. Other tasks can be performed on the machine with SOLIDWORKS when the rendering is being carried out so that the final rendered images is completed quickly. Images can be rendered on a single machine or a cluster of several machines running Visualize Boost. Visualize Boost should be installed on a system separate from the one that is running SOLIDWORKS Visualize.