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Automatically update datacard when file is moved to different folder

Question asked by Rémon Kalter on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2016 by Tim Webb



We use a EPDM system with 2 main-folders:

  • Projects
  • Library


In the Projects folder, there is a subfolder for each customer and within this subfolder there are subfolders for each specific project.

Each project has its own project-number which is on the datacard of the folder and on the datacard of the parts inside that folder.


The problem however is:

When we move a part from the Projects folder to the Library folder, the information about the project and customer should be deleted (or replaced with a - or something like that) from the datacard. To accomplish this, the files need to be checked out, variables need to be updated and the files need to be checked in again.


Is it possible to make this process automatic or at least simpler (using a task or the dispatch add-in)?

This would save us a lot of time.


Thanks a lot!