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SW 2015 Crashing issues...

Question asked by Robert Stemen on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Robert Lankford

Hello all,


I'm having two different crashing issues in SW 2015 SP5. I've been working with my VAR on the issue and this past week, came back and said they found an instability issue with my V4900 video card. This surprises me since this card is widely used and has been very stable in the past. They say it will be fixed in version 2017 but unfortunately, I'm not subscribed to maintenance any more.  Here's my crashing issues...


  • On certain models, SW crashes as I am saving a model in STEP format.
  • On certain models, SW crashes if I rotate the model constantly.


The models that crash when saving as STEP do not crash  from too much model rotation and vice versa...  Each crash type is specific to certain models.


Has anyone else experienced this?