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Massive problem with lines making Technical illustrations

Question asked by Rach Pett on Mar 8, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2016 by Rach Pett

Hello Forum!


I'm currently working in a project where I make a lot of technical illustrations for catalogues, web, manuals etc

I create my views and my settings are basically always the same for these purposes.

No ground, render mode flat technical all in the colour white.

I go to workshops and open up Technical illustration, tick the boxes for Lines, Colour regions, Compute regions per actor. Untick the box for light, set my global line width to 0.5 and my outlines to 1 pt construction edges.

I save as .eps and then I continue working on them in either Corel Draw or Illustrator.


I´ve tried to show what I mean in the attached file. They are just .png snippets of the actual .eps so excuse the extra pixelation.

So as you can see it looks pretty bad. One million extra lines and dots on top of the "clean" lines. If there's even a "clean" line under all the clutter. In some of the pictures I´ve dragged some of the clutter to the side for a more detailed explanation.

Usually it also seems like some information is lost but I can Bring to front and expose it manualy. Still annoying. Especially with an object containing a lot of information. Then it´s really hard to see and know where something might be missing.


I´ve tried all the different settings I can find/think of.

If anyone has experienced the same thing/knows what to do about it I would be ecstatic if you would share.

Because I'm going nuts...and bolts! ;D (Excuse my excellent sense of humor)