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Simulation Edge Welds Vs Hand Calcs

Question asked by Stephen Callegari on Mar 8, 2016

As an exercise, I am comparing simulation results of a simple fillet weld attaching a pipe to a plate.

The Simulation FEA results seem to be much more conservative than hand calcs from Blodgett - Design of Weldments.


Hand calcs = 0.058"

FEA = 0.208"


See below comparisons. Does anyone see anything amiss in my set up?

I am assuming the E70 (SUTS = 70 ksi) electrode is divided by the safety factor of 3.


Note: In the FEA, the pipe wall thickness is 0.25" and the plate thickness was considered to be 10" x 10" x 2"  thick (rigid).


Hand Calcs:


Reference: Section modulus of a circular weld group from Blodgett:



Simulation (Edge Welds):