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Smooth black aluminum appearance

Question asked by Zach Bjornson on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2016 by Kevin Schlaepfer

Hello! I'm trying to get some parts to have a smooth, black anodized aluminum appearance. I've tried quite a few of the appearances in the library but they are either shiny or speckled.

Satin finish aluminum and matte aluminum look like this, with a speckled texture:



Polished aluminum is smooth, but even if I reduce the specularity I can't get the highlight to look more like anodized aluminum. (Rather, the "specular amount" is having zero effect on the rendering.)



The appearance contributed here: Make Black Anodized Aluminium in SW09 and working in PV360? also has a bit of texture to it:


Is this how those appearances are supposed to look?
Does anyone have any suggestions for getting a nice satin finish? Thanks!