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    PDM Standard Automatic Notifications

    Joe Miller

      Hi All!


      I understand that PDM Standard will not process automatic state changes. Is the same true for automatic notifications? I am having inexplicable trouble getting our new installation to send these out when I perform a specified transition. It would seem to me that if it won't do it, I couldn't set it up like most other disabled features in PDM Standard.


      Thanks Much!

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          Prasad Bhonsule

          HI Joe, that's correct. Since PDM Standard does not allow for Automatic Transitions, automatic notifications are not allowed either.


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            David Stone



            I'm just in the process of testing out PDM Standard installation.  Automatic Notification do work on PDM Standard for files that are changed to a new state, for example I have it set in the Workflow so that files that hit "RELEASED" generate an auto-notification to our production guys (through PDM Inbox - notifications via email don't work in Standard).


            One stumbling block we did hit was the original set up didn't issue notifications and this was traced back to the SQL server not being set up properly.  When we first set up the new vault, the setting for the MS-SQL database server was incorrect because we didn't select the one with "SWPDM" in the title (e.g. SERVER_NAME/SWPDM).  When we resolved this the notifications started working fine.


            Hope this helps


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              Jan Pytela


              automatic notification can't work too on my pc in my test PDM Standard vault. I have other vaults  on my computer and some vaults are PDM Professional and I think that is the problem. So I have written my SQL express server full name (MYSERVER\SQLEXPRESS) to the blank string field (string value Server) in registry and after restart services automatic notification finnally work !!!


              HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\MailService