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Best way to represent welds in Solidworks.

Question asked by Greg Castaldi on Mar 6, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 31, 2016 by Ananda Ganesh Madheswaran

I'm working on a control arm for a car in solidworks.  It's currently an assembly, and there are points at which the parts will be welded together in real life.  I'm looking to run a quick simulation in it o to see if there are any areas that may fail on it, but the most likely points that it may fail will be at the welds and a threaded part.


My problem is that I am unsure how to go about representing a welded part.  The only ideas I've come across so far are to use the weld beads option and then simulate it with these added on, use the weld connection analysis feature within the simulation, or turn the entire object into a part or simply keep it as an assembly and run the simulation on this to simply see where stresses are concentrated at.


Any advice on which is the best way or if there are better ways would be much appreciated.


Thank you.