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SolidWorks 2010 swvbaserver has stopped working

Question asked by Edward Mlinarchik on Mar 7, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 10, 2016 by Edward Mlinarchik

I am supporting SolidWorks in an eduational environment.  We are running Windows 7 Pro (SP1/current), Solidworks 2010.  I have determined that I can completely avoid all of the unbelievably random and seemingly nonsensical fixes such as repair your installation of office 2007(We are running Office 2013 in this particular lab)... This is a permissions issue, plain and simple.  I am able to run the program on my account and the local administrator account.  I am NOT able to run the program as any other user.  I get the error swvbaserver has stopped working.  Typical appcrash event id.  I have added full control rights to all solidworks folders(a quick c:\ search showed me that the swvbaserver.exe is within the solidworks program files folder): no luck.  I have added the user(s) to the local administrators group: no luck.  And yet, the moment I log on as myself (domain administrator) or the local administrator account I am able to run the program without any issues. Is there a guide somewhere to what permissions are needed to run the application or does anyone know in particular what else I need to be allowing in order for our students to run this application?