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    Parallel Transition Rolls - action required by user?

    Paul Marsman

      Does anyone have a way for users that are part of parallel transition rolls to know/search for what documents are awaiting their review??


      So in our workflow we have set up parallel approvals with anywhere from 1 to 4 rolls depending on the level of the document (Development to Production).  The users each get email notifications when there are documents needing their attention. But as various reviewers approve/reject documents the emails can get out of date/disorganized quickly.  ie: 2 people in the same roll get the email that their review is required, as soon as user 1 does it, user 2 doesn't know that and the only way is to look manually at each document pending approval.

      I tried setting up Mapped Approvers but the data only gets written to the variables once ALL roll requirements have been reached and the transition goes through.


      Also, the user that submitted the document(s) for review, has no way of knowing who has done what approvals without looking at the history for each document (HUGE waste of time) and therefore who to go bug about getting their documents reviewed.


      Please tell me there is a better way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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          Tim Webb

          Hi Paul,


          I've experienced this frustration as well. One option is to not use the built-in parallel transitions, use group specific approval transitions, then add a field to the data card that represent each approval group. Make the default values "Awaiting <group> Approval" then set up saved searches to monitor the fields with the value "Awaiting Engineering Approval" or "Awaiting Quality Approval" or "Awaiting Management Approval".


          parallel approvals.png


          You can put these fields on a tab control that only the admin can see if you want to hide it.

          approval status.png

          Then share the saved searches with the teams...or use a dashboard to monitor those fields.

          Hope this helps,

          Tim CEPA


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              Jason Lackey

              Good morning,


              Looking at the workflow above, I see that you are not using notifications.  Are you not utilizing automated notifacation somewhere in the workflow to tell users when their document is approved?  


              I ask because we do use them, and I don't see a good way to utilize the notifications with the custom built parallel workflow as once on of the approvers changes the state and it loops back to in review, when the next review changes the state, the previous review will get the notification instead of the person who submitted it for review.  Toggling to send it to the creator only is also not an option as someone who is revising a document is not always the person who created it.  I don't see any capabilty to utilize a variable to control who the notification goes to, and selecting an entire group is not preferable.


              It appears there is a conundrum as I see folks complaining that the built in parallel transitions are not desirable because they don't notify users that approvals are occuring until all approvers sign off, in addition to not populating the fields correctly when selecting specific mapped approvers (at least in my experience for sure, but I have seen the complaint on a few other threads). Or go the custom route so you can get a notification each time it is reviewed.  While yes, it does populate each approver field in real time, it doesn't appear doable to push notifications back to the orginal submitter for every reviewer that is required, only the first one.


              Any thoughts on this?


              Jason L., CSWP

              PDM Pro 2018