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    RAM resource critical

    Glenn Ramakers

      I have a question about increasing availabillity of RAM memory for SolidWorks. I'm currently using Solidworks student edition 2015-2016. My notebook has 8GB of physical memory, but when Solidworks is using about 500MB of that, it says that it is running critical and I should close some documents, when I have only two files opened. Besides that only around 30% of the total memory is in use at these moments. Besides that Solidworks is also really slow at moments.


      I was wondering if it would be possible to increase the RAM that Solidworks can use. There is enough left unused. If there is no option to fix it then I hope that expanding the RAM will help, but since just 30% is used in the current situation, I'm not exactly sure it will help.


      I hope you guys can help me, because I could not find an answer on different kinds of forums.

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          Jim Sculley

          Typically this message has nothing to do with RAM and is actually a warning about GDI objects.  You can verify this by opening the Windows Task Manager and clicking the Processes tab.  From the View menu, click Select Columns and then add the User Objects and GDI Objects columns.  If the GDI Objects value is at or above 9,000 for the SLDWORKS.exe process, you are hitting the limit where SW will start to warn you about it.  Windows processes have a limit of 10,000 GDI objects.


          Prior to SW 2015, I regularly would open 20 or more models/drawings and never had a problem.  Starting with 2015 (and now 2016) there is some sort of GDI Object leak in SW that causes it to grow until the limit is hit, triggering the warning.