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    Saving As a Copy or Pack and Go??

    Dusan Skacel

      We have very often new large projects based on the oldest one. Basically it is very similar constellation of the parts in a large assembly, some of them has the same function, but very different shape, dimensions vary and each project has very individual features. To start, my colleagues Save As a Copy old project under new name and start rebuilding it to the new form. I am not friend of this procedure (you just can't track all consequences, which group of the different people had done in a past), I prefer Pack and Go. Unfortunately, when using Workgroup PDM, with this feature you are loosing connection to the design library. What I have to do, after "packing", load all Design Library parts again (motors, rails, valves etc...).

      Has anybody experienced something similar? Any suggestions? By the way, using configurations is not a solution for many reasons. Each project is unique. Thank you.

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          Shaodun Lin

          Hi Dusan:


          If will be much much easier if your company use SOLIDWORKS PDM  ( not workgroup PDM )to manage your design data, and then you can use Copy Tree command to easily reuse the design data.

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            Deepak Gupta

            Not sure if this would work but uncheck all the design library components from the list and when you open the new files, they should automatically load those components.

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                Dusan Skacel

                I have already tried that, it is working up to some level... Thank you.


                More important for me is, if somebody know "special technique" (instead of Pack and Go) ...how to get

                copy of an old large project and mess with any part without affecting previous stuff. I didn't find any other easy way, how to do so, but Pack and Go. Has anybody different opinion, please? I would like to know if I am missing something.
                Save as a Copy works on a part level, but if you are not careful thinking about each step, not working on assemblies...



                Am I right? :-)

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                    Patrick Couture

                    I use Pack and Go a lot for that purpose and I don't work with Workgroup PDM. Our part numbering system is built starting with a unique project number so when I'm doing the pack and go I take care to select only parts (and drawings) with the project number, then all the library parts (fasteners, bearings, casters and such) don't get copied with the pack and go and the new project keeps the actuals links to the library parts. For copying the project entirely it works pretty well.


                    If you have only a handful of parts to modify then you can save as the master assembly and save as the parts that you need to change but as you said you have to be very careful when doing the save as on the parts because if the master assembly is closed the changes won't be made to the assembly. Sometimes I make a save as "copy" of the part and then go to the assembly and replace the part. Especially when I want only one instance to change.


                    Over time I came to realize that it's not worth the time and effort to keep the right references to the old projects versus duplicating the parts with new names. But in my case I'm building custom machinery so I rarely have two projects that could share half of their parts.



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                      Brian McEwen

                      I agree Pack and Go is better than Save As.   Like Couture said - you have to Uncheck all the the things that want to remain linked (all the standard shared parts).  One thing you may be missing is the "Select/Replace" button. I didn't pay attention to that for years, but it is a rather powerful auto select tool.  For example you can put in the name of a folder (where you keep bolts or something), and Uncheck all those parts in one step. So your folder structure and organization is another thing that can help.


                      Save As can work for small assemblies - they added some tools to it in recent years (2014?) - they have the option to "Include all referenced components" or something like that, and I think you can add a Prefix or Suffix now.