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Saving As a Copy or Pack and Go??

Question asked by Dusan Skacel on Mar 5, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 7, 2016 by Jeff Holliday

We have very often new large projects based on the oldest one. Basically it is very similar constellation of the parts in a large assembly, some of them has the same function, but very different shape, dimensions vary and each project has very individual features. To start, my colleagues Save As a Copy old project under new name and start rebuilding it to the new form. I am not friend of this procedure (you just can't track all consequences, which group of the different people had done in a past), I prefer Pack and Go. Unfortunately, when using Workgroup PDM, with this feature you are loosing connection to the design library. What I have to do, after "packing", load all Design Library parts again (motors, rails, valves etc...).

Has anybody experienced something similar? Any suggestions? By the way, using configurations is not a solution for many reasons. Each project is unique. Thank you.