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Replacing volume of a solid body by pattern grid

Question asked by Alex Hilgenberg on Mar 7, 2016

Hey Guys,

Today my endeavor is a bit complicated…

Background info:

Our company just entered a professional ceramic 3D printing.

Customers often request our printing services for parts they already have, but made out of metal or plastic. They send me a .STEP file or .IGES file asking – can you print it out ceramic???

Due to the process, our desired wall thickness is limited to 4-5mm. Hence, I need to fill the solid body with a grid or structure. For that purpose, I asked myself, if there is method, how to make it automated in SolidWorks.


a)       My goal is to turn an (.STEP) imported solid body into a surface.

b)      Then I would like to use thin feature (if it will work) on that surface in order to make a wall (wall “grows” inside)

c)       Than I would like to fill the entire empty space inside of the body with pattern geometries like diamond structure, honeycomb structures etc. Should I go along with linear pattern making them cut by a surface they touch?

d)      For some areas on the body I will need a frontier for the pattern to stop, without having a solid wall there. It is like virtual wall for the pattern only.


Is there a solid way how to do all that, do I need to wrint a macro

I know, this topics is a bit hard to solve, but I am thankful for any suggestion, idea and impulse


Thx in advance