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My Open Letter to Solidworks and Our Future together aka 2017 Release

Question asked by Tim Smith on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on May 10, 2019 by Mike Reily

I would like to start by saying, we are all here, including the folks at Solidworks to break new ground. Push the limits, be Solidworks abuses not just users. That being said, here is an analogy for my wish list for 2017.

Dear Solidworks development team, please kick the development car into neutral, flick on your signal light and pull over onto the shoulder. Now, get out of the car and turn around. See that highway of development, new tools sets, slick UI's, behind you. That is the highway your community of users is following along behind you, eager to see whats over the next horizon. Take a closer look, see the unfinished on ramp? The lack of lane markings for about 10 miles near Albuquerque? The one section that has one way street signs, in both directions! This is the highway we have to use to follow you. Do you get where I am coming from? I want to see whats over the next horizon, but my time and effort to get there has to weighed against the next vista, is it going to be amazing enough to warrant being stuck on an unfinished on ramp. So, here is what I'm asking. Dear Solidworks team, stop making new roads to distant places, for one year, maybe even two, come back down the road to where we are and fix the infrastructure, put up all the sign posts, make that blacktop run smooth with no potholes, get rid of the off ramps and on ramps that lead to nowhere, or worse loop around on themselves. Lets get this highway running smooth, solid and bulletproof stable. Then I'll follow this road, then this road will be worth following.