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    Search WildCards and Advanced Searches

    Greg Thomson

      Our EPDM search capabilities are awfully restrictive.  Essentially * works, but nothing else... ? "" = != - +.  So, 'bolt' returns a 100 hits, while 'b?lt' and '"bolt"' return nothing.


      I've read that Advanced EPDM Search capabilities are only available for Filename, Description and ECO (below), but that just confuses me further..

      EPDM search reference


      Am I confusing PDM search capabilities with our EPDM?  Have we miss-configured something?


      Any thoughts would be appreciated.



      EPDM2014 SP4

        • Re: Search WildCards and Advanced Searches
          Jeremy Feist

          I think the biggest thing to wrap your head around is that when you use no wild cards, EPDM assumes an * at the beginning and end of the string you entered. if you use ANY wild card, it assumes you put in ALL of the wildcards you want it to consider.


          so *b?lt* should get the same 100 hits as bolt (and maybe a few more), but b?lt will only return entries where the field exactly matches bolt or belt (or similar words or miss-spellings)