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Bend lines showing on drawing but not in part

Question asked by Bryan Turner on Mar 4, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 4, 2016 by Bryan Turner

I've recently ran into a few customer supplied multibody part models that when I break the parts into their own part file the bend lines do not show on the parts. When I make a drawing of these parts you can process them as you would any part and the bend lines and annotations are there. When you're in the parts you can highlight the bend lines in the feature tree and they will highlight, but you can't see them otherwise. None of the sketches are suppressed or anything like that. I need to be able to add sketches for laser etching along the bend lines to aid forming out in the shop. To work through this I've used the dimensions off the print to draw up my sketches, but this is obviously more time consuming. I've been using Solidworks for a couple years now and I have never encountered this before.