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    transition permissions by folder

    Charley Leonard

      I would like my users' individual access to a given transition to be determined by whether they have the right to otherwise change the file they are trying to transition. It seems that any user given the permission to EVER access a given transition, can access that transition on any file they can read, in any folder they can see. Is this the case? Is there a way around it?

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          Tom Cote

          If i understand your question correctly, you are asking if you can prevent a user from transitioning a file even though they can see it in the vault?  If that is correct yes, you can.


          Transition permissions (who can do the groups or individual users) are set at the transition while being able to view a file is set at the folder level and then by state permissions.

          State and Transition.jpgState permissions.jpgTransition permissions.jpg

          Hope this helps


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            Prasad Bhonsule

            Hi Charley, you cannot set transition permissions on folder as such, but what you could do is add conditions in the transition properties, so that users cannot transition a file unless it meets a specific filepath requirement:



            The only other way would be to create workflows that only accept files into certain folders within the vault, and restrict users to using those workflows.


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              Charley Leonard

              We work on many different projects. For a given project, I need to have people who can see it but can't change it (perhaps a group called "Project A, read-only"), and people who can change it ("Project A, READ-WRITE"), and people who can see other things in the vault, but not this project (not in either group). I really really really really don't want moving a file to a different folder to be part of the process of revising it (even though doing so is safe in the vault environment). It seems logical to me that if I can vary who can check a file out with a combination of state and folder permissions (which can be assigned by group or individual), I should also be able to vary who can change the state of a file (transition it), with the same combination. How are people handling this? I'm probably missing something.