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Weldment not trimming properly

Question asked by Karl Nielsen on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Karl Nielsen

Hello everyone,


I am working on a tube frame weldment that utilizes round pipe and square tube, please see the image belowweldment1.PNG

The issue I'm encountering is that the square tube is not trimming to the round pipe, as you can see here:


Here is my feature tree for reference, as well as another view of the square tube clipping through the pipe without trimming:


Any ideas? I'd really like the square tube to trim to the "edge" of the pipe, a flat trim would be fine, a rounded trim would be a bonus.


I know I could get the result I want by making separate weldment part files, doing a circle cut-extrude in the corners and then marrying the two part files together in an assembly file, but that feels like an un-necessary step.