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Right Mouse Button Menus (can they be shorter)

Question asked by Adam Snow on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Anton Miller

Maybe I messed my installation up by choosing to "Show All" the shortcut and menu items, but I've hit the "reset to Defaults" option under toolbar customization. Now it seems like right click menus are not usable. I receive a default right mouse window of ~8" in length with a dozen or so named commands, and another half dozen at the top that are just icons, but if I ever want a tool that is not one of those, I have to scroll through three menu lengths to find it since nearly every tool imaginable has been added to the right mouse button menu. I understand that I can "customize" the menu and turn tools off, but they only turn off from the first window. If I press the little double arrow at the bottom for more, all the icons I turned off show up again and there does not seem to be a fast way to scroll through the list.

Is this "normal", or something I can fix? There are lots of tools in the right click menu that I'd be happy to never see. Do I need a monitor that is 24" tall to fit the full menu?