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Command Manager Shifts Icon Locations

Question asked by Adam Snow on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Adam Snow

2016 marks the first time I've used the command manager, I apologize if this questions has already been solved in the past eight years.

When I am editing a part, the toolbar looks like the top image. If I edit a part within an assembly, the toolbar becomes the lower image. I understand that some new tools are available in the edit in context mode, but shifting all of the icons three inches makes it difficult to develop a sense of where the tools are. Is this "normal" and everyone just deals with it? With "normal" toolbars I'm able to rearrange buttons, but with the command manager, they seem to be stuck.

Personally, I can't see how the command manager is helpful since the tool I want is always hidden on another tab, but I'm making training videos, and the person signing the check specified that I use the default user interface.

Three Inch Shift.jpg