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    Steve B.

      I would like to have the last saved date shown in short date format.  I know you can do $PRP:"SW-Short Date", but that gives you the current date, not the date the document was last saved on.  I also know about $PRP:"SW-Last Saved Date", but that gives you the date in long date format along with the time.  I have tried $PRP:"SW-Last Saved Date (Short Date)", but that only gives the short date (current date in short format, not last saved date in short format).  I'm also aware of the properties.txt file that shows which properties are displayed.  What I need is a way to either change the way SOLIDWORKS displays $PRP:"SW-Last Saved Date" or a way to create new custom property VARIABLES (not just new custom properties).  Any ideas out there?

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          Steve B.

          Through messing with settings I have found a work around, but it is not a good one and I am still looking for a real solution.  If you go into OS settings you can change the long date format to be the same as the short date format, then you can change the long time format to ' ' (one space, leaving it empty resets it to previous format, but entering in a single space seems to be accepted without actually displaying anything when $PRP:"SW-Last Saved Date" is called.  Again, while this works, I am looking for something that can be used practically on multiple machines without changing the settings on each machine.  I would also like to know how to change custom property variables in general just for future reference.