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Has anyone else had problems creating a STEP file of an assembly

Question asked by Phil Stewart on Mar 3, 2016

Has anyone else had issues with creating a STEP file of an assemble in 2016?  I have a very simple assembly of a flat sheet metal bracket with 2 PEM nuts assembled to it.  I'll save it as a STEP file just like I've done in past versions.  Open the file and the PEM nuts are not there.  So I rebuilt the simple bracket and then rebuilt the assembly and saved.  Deleted all old files from the directory.  Saved as STEP reopened same thing happened.  I then closed SW restarted my computer deleted old files re-created sheet metal part then recreated assembly.  All new names for these files saved as STEP in a new directory and it finally opened correctly.  What should have taken a couple of minutes I spent 30 minutes getting it to work.  If I wanted to have this much trouble I'd go back to UG!