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PDM Standard 2016 license for Solidworks Proffesional

Question asked by Petrova-Nikolova Danute on Mar 3, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2016 by Brian Cannon

Hello All,

I have Solidworks Professional 2016 and it's supposed to receive license for PDM Standard for free as stated on the website "Included in SOLIDWORKS Professional and Premium packages", however when I asked my VAR where is my license and when I'll receive it (2 months ago and he answered last week), they started to convince me that I need their software package + training additionally ... I don't need this stuff, I only need the serial. I never read somewhere that I'll need additional software package to install PDM standard (except the ones stated in the manual, but I already have them), I read the complete manual, and only thing I need is the serial, because without it I'm not allowed to create Vault. I successfully installed all additional software and everything was fine except I wasn't able to create Vault. Is it normal that attitude? I don't like my VAR anyway and don't trust him. Is there somebody that have received his serial and did you receive any additional package and training, or just serial?