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SW 2015 sp5 instant crash: MateXpert

Question asked by Chris Oxford on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2016 by Chris Oxford

In an assembly, if I have conflicting mates, I get the option to try to use MateXpert (sp?) to analyze the problem. Just toodling around to see if this might be better in 2015 (only on it for about 3 weeks), discovered that EVERY time I right-click on the offending mate, choose "MateXpert" I get a clean crash. I lost a bit of unsaved work, and actually a few saved details disappeared. Can not re-create this behavior, but can re-create the crash every time.


Not sure if this is a universal problem, or just my unique set of bad mates?


(And I don't need help with the mates themselves, that's an easy fix in this case. Just wanted to test the tool, I get times when I can't easily figure out the root problem with bad mates, a tool like this could help, if it's working well).