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    SW 2015 sp5 instant crash: MateXpert

    Chris Oxford

      In an assembly, if I have conflicting mates, I get the option to try to use MateXpert (sp?) to analyze the problem. Just toodling around to see if this might be better in 2015 (only on it for about 3 weeks), discovered that EVERY time I right-click on the offending mate, choose "MateXpert" I get a clean crash. I lost a bit of unsaved work, and actually a few saved details disappeared. Can not re-create this behavior, but can re-create the crash every time.


      Not sure if this is a universal problem, or just my unique set of bad mates?


      (And I don't need help with the mates themselves, that's an easy fix in this case. Just wanted to test the tool, I get times when I can't easily figure out the root problem with bad mates, a tool like this could help, if it's working well).

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          Umberto Zanola

          Never used matexpert before, but I load up an assembly and added a redundant constraint to a screw, CTRL+Q, RMB-> MateXpert and

          .... INSTANT CRASH!


          It seems that they broke another thing in SW2015 SP5. Very sad.

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            Umberto Zanola





            SPR #:





            Closed (Implemented)

            Fixed in:

            2016 SP01




            Mate - Standard

            Customer Impact:






            MateXpert crashes in 2015 SP5 *2015 sp5 specific




            DS SolidWorks does not guarantee that this SPR fix will be available in the indicated future release of the
            product since at this time the SPR fix has not completed QA procedures that incorporate all SPR fixes and
            enhancements into a new version of our product.

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                Chris Oxford

                Awesome, fixed it in 2016! Super. So our company will never update to anything beyond a final SP on the second to newest release. And then only if we have to, due to some component going obsolete.


                Anyone ever heard of an old bug getting fixed in a previous release? I could give a rat's petootie about this tool, never use it, really just trying to learn the new bugs in 2015, but full broken features still don't get fixed?


                And if we could go to 2016, no way would we get close to that pile.


                OK, at the end of the day, SW is still the best out there for the money, and 87% of it works great, but if I'm honest, I spend about 13% of my time working around dumb inconsistencies ("the surface cannot terminate the feature. Check that the sketch is within the surface blah blah blah")


                Really? All these years, and you still can't figure out a way to fix this? I have 4 different ways I do it, embarrassed for you SW that you can't figure out a way to program something I did in 5 minutes, using all your own tools.