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how to set up this terminal block

Question asked by perry leets on Mar 1, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by John Emanuele

I am trying to create and use a terminal block like the one shown here:

Untitled picture.jpg

In this case, it has three columns of 7 connections which are internally jumpered, i.e. A-G are on the same circuit. Sounds simple enough so far. So, I made this manufacturer's part:

Untitled picture2.png

When I associate this part with a terminal block symbol in my line diagram, I can then attach wires to the terminals I need easily.

Untitled picture3.png

the problem comes when I go into a schematic. I can draw a wire, from pin 1 on connector P1004B, stop it, then drop a terminal on it and it picks up terminal "A" as I would expect. However when I draw the subsequent wires from the other connects and drop terminals on them, they either want to create a new terminal (X2), or they pick up the wrong terminals from my defined part.

Untitled picture5.png

Can someone tell me how to get this working right?

or is SWE unable to perform this simple task? If that is so I don't think my company is going to spend 6 grand a seat for something we have to kludge.


On a related note, I am not even totally sure if I implemented this correctly. The work flow for making a terminal block seems different than for other parts. For example, I had no problem defining our custom connectors (as a manufacturers part) and then inserting them via the dynamic connector tool. This then creates a component in the component tree which I can then reference or make instances of. similarly, if I drop a terminal strip symbol on my line diagram I can then associate it with my manufactures part and it creates a terminal block component in the tree. However if I open that with the terminal strip editor its empty! Why does the symbol properties in the line diagram show my parts terminals but the terminal block editor show nothing?

what I have to do at this point, in the terminal block editor, is add a new terminal to the block then select that terminal and associate it with my part. So my custom part apparently is associated twice. What is the correct procedure for creating a terminal strip? Is the line diagram symbol and the component in the tree both individually associated with the same part?