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Looking for Local Contract Work.

Question asked by Paul Landolfo on Mar 1, 2016

    I am looking for CONTRACT WORK in Westside Cleveland/Medina areas.  I can create complex parts, create and manage large assemblies, and

create/manage multi-sheet drawings w/exploded views...  I have worked with Solidworks since version 2000, and I have been certified in I-deas Master

Series and Unigraphics NX.  I have been the most help doing parts, assemblies, and drawings (grunt work) leaving project managers free to work on

design, manufacture, etc.. of the project.

   I look for contract work because I am retired, and, consequently, I am limited by the amount of money I can earn each year  (IRS).  Generally it is @

7 months of work.. I am also able to work "off site" on my own equipment.



Paul Landolfo