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    Equation manager

    Ashok Anumula

      Trying to edit and add equations in Solidworks through API.

      I get error number 13, Type mismatch when I use these lines and it does not make sense.


      Dim sldWorks as sldworks.sldworks

      Dim swModel as sldworks.modeldoc2

      Dim swEqmgr as sldworks.equationmgr


      1Set sldworks = application.sldworks

      Set swModel = sldworks.activedoc

      Set swEqmgr  = swmodel.getequationmgr


      It fails when I try to set swEqmgr and returns an error 13. Which do not make sense that is the exact replica of solidworks example and it worked in 2015 sw and not working in 2016 sw. One more thing i have noticed the intellisense does not pull up GetEquationMgr nor GetTitle.


      Any one experienced this problem and how they fixed it.


      Thank you