John Cates

Altering 3DCC Files???

Discussion created by John Cates on Nov 13, 2007
Latest reply on Jan 11, 2008 by Dan Riffell
I am just now beginning to download sldwrk files from 3DCC but Ican not find the specific sizes of the parts I need.  Rightnow I need a 1/2" female rod end, but there are only two sizesavailable on 3DC.  Am I supposed to make adjustments to theparts myself?  The drawing for one of these rod ends containsover a half dozen equations so I just assume I can make one changeand the subsequent items on the tree will adjust themselves, butit's just not working, and I am terrible with the equations.

I can't upload the file but it can be found under the category"Rod Ends", then in the subcategory "Ball Joint andRod Ends", and the specific part itself is "any femalethread/plain ball end" file.  It's only a 1/4"and I guess I need help to make it 1/2" if that's how it mustbe done...  I certainly hope it isn't.