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filename & document number, how do you do it?

Discussion created by Eirik Sæther on Nov 13, 2007
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2008 by Jeremy Schmidt

We are in the process of implementing PDMWE in our organization inorder to get better document handling and control, as we haveoutgrown our previous systems.
I would like to learn from other experiences on how to succesfullyimplement this, and how to build a good folder and documentstructure.
I want to use the vault on all documents related to the developmentproject. This means that all from .sld% to .doc ,.ppt, etc. will bea part of the project.

First of all i would like to know how other users use document nameand numbering on solidworks related documents.
Do you use one or several serial numbers on the different filetypes?
How is the filename configured? ie. %docnumber% - %Description% orjust a logical name on the part?
Do you use the same filename for a drawing as the part? ie.10023.sldprt and 10023.slddrw for the part drawing?
How do you handle multiple drawings related to one part orassembly? ie. Assembly 1234.sldasm have 3 drawings. One assemblylayout, one detail layout and one concept layout.

For other documents:
Do you use the same serialnumber as solidworks files, or have youdefined different serials for different document categories.

Im looking forward to a constructive discussion on this matter

Regards Eirik Saether
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