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    filename & document number, how do you do it?

    Eirik Sæther

      We are in the process of implementing PDMWE in our organization inorder to get better document handling and control, as we haveoutgrown our previous systems.
      I would like to learn from other experiences on how to succesfullyimplement this, and how to build a good folder and documentstructure.
      I want to use the vault on all documents related to the developmentproject. This means that all from .sld% to .doc ,.ppt, etc. will bea part of the project.

      First of all i would like to know how other users use document nameand numbering on solidworks related documents.
      Do you use one or several serial numbers on the different filetypes?
      How is the filename configured? ie. %docnumber% - %Description% orjust a logical name on the part?
      Do you use the same filename for a drawing as the part? ie.10023.sldprt and 10023.slddrw for the part drawing?
      How do you handle multiple drawings related to one part orassembly? ie. Assembly 1234.sldasm have 3 drawings. One assemblylayout, one detail layout and one concept layout.

      For other documents:
      Do you use the same serialnumber as solidworks files, or have youdefined different serials for different document categories.

      Im looking forward to a constructive discussion on this matter

      Regards Eirik Saether
      Well Innovation
        • filename & document number, how do you do it?
          Jeff Sweeney

          I don't like description in my file name. I find I spend toomuch time trying to come up with a good name for a part that I amnot yet even sure what this part's final function may be...and if Iam wrong then I have to rename the file. Though I must admit withthe new virtual components in 2008 this problem is lessening.


          Same file name for part and drawing makes things a lot easier.Can you use multiple sheets?

          • filename & document number, how do you do it?
            John Layne
            Just bumping this post.

            The company I am contracting to are just in the process of evaluating PDMWorks Enterprise. A discussion on this topic would greatly assist our evaluation.

            Looking forward to more posts
              • filename & document number, how do you do it?
                Patrick Kennedy
                OK, I'll jump in, but first the caveat: we're just now moving into production with PDMWE so a few things are still undecided.

                We have a folder structure used for each development project. All files related to a project are stored within its structure. Non-CAD documents are assigned the project property, but do not receive a part number and are allowed to be any file name.

                We have a serial number for .SLD* that assigns what we call experimental part numbers to new files. This part number is used for the file name as well. Then, near the end of the development cycle, official part numbers are assigned from our ERP system, and the .SLD* file names and part number properties are updated.

                We have enabled unique file names and part numbers for .SLD*. Of course, that prevents the drawings from having the same part number as the model, so we append a "D" to the drawing part number. The model and its drawing have the same file name, so finding files is easy. We don't allow separate drawing files for other sheets, so this works for us.

                Our desire is for the model and its drawing have the same part number. I have considered giving the drawing a different variable for part number so as to allow this, but have yet to try it...

                  • filename & document number, how do you do it?
                    Joy Garon
                    Hi Patrick -

                    Regarding your desire to have the model and drawing use the same part number, you can do this using a file template. Essentially you create the part and drawing at the same time using the same template variable during the creation.
                    The attached zip file contains an example (2008).

                      • filename & document number, how do you do it?
                        Jeremy Schmidt
                        I realize this is an old posting, but I'm presented with a very similar problem. I currently have PDMWE setup so that each new SW model receives a "temporary" part number (format = T#######, ex: T1234567). Then at the time of the release, the file is assigned one of a number of different formats. For example, either a "million" number or a "purchase part" number (format = ####### or ##@##, ex: 1031234 or 24P53).

                        How can you automate this rename process so that all of the references are correctly updated? I realize that all of the parents of the file being renamed will need to be checked out. This is not a problem.

                        Also, if anyone could explain to me what is going on when a user does a right click - rename, that would be much appreciated. I cannot find any documentation on this. And I realize I'm going into places I probably shouldn't with this one, but it doesn't appear to update the file name properly in corresponding index.xml file on the server.

                        Any help here would be appreciated. Let me know if I need to be more clear anywhere. Sorry for the long post.
                  • filename & document number, how do you do it?
                    Paul Philpott
                    Vital topic, thanks for raising it. I have just moved from the enormous Ford Motor Company world of Catia/NX/TeamCenter into the world of SolidWorks/Enterprise. At Ford users never saw "filename" unless they really looked, and it took its value from Part Number. Also, Drawings automatically inheritted their part number from the referenced Part or Asy. If the referenced item already had a drawing, the user had to add a secquential number to the Dwg part number.

                    I will be monitoring this thread as I develop my best practices for Part Numbering - filename - Dwg.
                      • filename & document number, how do you do it?
                        Joy Garon
                        Hi Paul,

                        What group did you work with in Ford? I worked in Powertrain (Engine and Transmission)...



                        You can use Dispatch to do the rename, but, you need to be careful as it may not update files that reference the renamed file. (Also, you will need to be using 2008 SP4 at a minimum as some rename issues in dispatch were fixed in SP4)
                          • filename & document number, how do you do it?
                            Paul Philpott
                            Hey, Joy!

                            [My last assignment at Ford was in PT, in the PDC building, ending a few months ago. I was a TeamCenter guy, but my background is in Engineering. Before that I was in the Alpha building doing QA on TCe, then before that involved in TCe (and metaphase/tdm) training and supplier implimentation. I'll see you in class next month!]

                            I really want to learn how to get Office docs sensibly integrated. It seems that they really must have embedded in them the meta data from Enterprise, or else people viewing the doc via email or printout will have no idea who/what/where/when, right? One great remedy that Enterprise can, and should, provide, is when users see an Office doc, there should be no more mystery about who wrote the doc, where to find it, what version/rev they're viewing, who has approved it, etc. No more cramming all that info into the (uncontrolled) filename!
                              • filename & document number, how do you do it?
                                Joy Garon
                                Hi Phil -

                                I worked all around (engine group in dearborn, transmission in Livonia, ACG, and a bit at the research center in the styling dome)- I was with CV then.
                                TeamCenter - did you work with my buddy John Laryz (sp)?

                                Anyway, I'll see you in August - the first thing you can utilize if the documents cutom properties - beyond that you can use embedded macros to do other types of mappings within documents.


                                p.s. this macro is from the admin guide... read the section titled: Mapping variables to file properties and embedded data > Microsoft Office Files

                                To add a macro to normal.dot:
                                1. Start Microsoft Word.
                                2. Select Tools, Macro, Macro (or press Alt +F8).
                                3. In the Macro name field, name the macro AutoOpen and press the Create button.
                                4. In the code window, type the following macro code (insert the code between Sub AutoOpen() and
                                End Sub:
                                Dim aStory As Range
                                Dim aField As Field
                                For Each aStory In ActiveDocument.StoryRanges
                                For Each aField In aStory.Fields
                                Next aField
                                Next aStory
                                5. Save and close the code window
                                Next time you open a document with fields, the fields in the body and header/footer will be automatically
                                updated. (Note that when the fields are updated, the document is modified and Word will ask if the new
                                changes should be saved when closing the document.)