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Activation Stupidity

Discussion created by jm sculley on Nov 12, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 29, 2007 by Brian Hughes
We bought several new workstations and I'm in the process oftransferring SW licenses from the old machines to the new. All was OK until I got to the last machine this morning. The transfer says it fails (general server error or somesuch).  However, as far the the local machine is concerned,the transfer was successful.  Starting SW results in theactivation dialog being displayed.  However, it cannot beactivated because the server thinks the license transfer failed. On the new machine, SW can't be activated for the samereason, the server thinks the license count has been exceeded.

Good job code weenies.  Here's a Wikipedia entry you may wantto read:

Pay close attention to the part about rolling back a failedtransaction.


Jim S.