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    Time Delayed Motion Event

    Ryan Hevner
      Is there a way to put in a time delay on specific motion events? I want one half of my assembly to separate immediately. 5 seconds later I want to rotate a latch, releasing the second half of the assembly.

        • Time Delayed Motion Event
          Ian Hogg
          Hi Ryan,

          You can use step functions to control when movement start and stop in COSMOSMotion. In 2008, you can use suppress and unsppress to turn motors/actuators, joints, forces, etc on and off at specific times also.

          If you need to perform more than one action on an entity, it is best to use the function expression interface to define several sequences. The best way is to use step functions to choregraph how things are timed. Just remember that step functions are cumulative. So if you have one step function changing a value to 10, you need to add a second step function with a value of -10 to return to the previous state.

          Hope this helps.


            • Time Delayed Motion Event
              Heinz Navratil
              Hi Ian

              is there any documentation how do suppress/unsuppress motors and soon?

                • Time Delayed Motion Event
                  Ian Hogg
                  Hi Heinz,

                  Sorry for the delay in responding. The bahavior control for motors and actuators and forces is slightly different than mates and parts from a control aspect. Place the time slider at the desired time, right click on the motor/actuator and select the "Off" option. This will turn the motor off from that position until the next keypoint.

                  I've not seen much in the help on details of this, but just found it digging around and noticing that suppress on a motor suppresses it for the length of the animation.

                  I just noticed also that springs are not supported from an on/off behavior. You can only suppress them for the entire simulation.

                  I hope this helps clarify the bahvior for you.