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    Serial Spaceballs and 2008

    John Lhuillier
      For those of you that have serial Space balls they WILL NOT be supported with future updates.

      There is a workaround or "HACK" as 3DConnexion calls it. to get it to work but may not be for long. Perhaps if enough users would go to the 3dConnexion forum and post reply's maybe they will continue to support these devices. Here's the link to the current forum thread
      "> http://www.3dconnexion.com/for...p=7389#7389

      Or can someone from Solidworks look at why the newer 3dConnexion drivers won't work in 2008 since it was something that Solidworks changed. and fix it
        • Serial Spaceballs and 2008
          Steve Calvert
          John, I still use one but then again I haven't turned on my SW2008 yet. If I get some breathing room this week I'll try and load '08. I wanted to get a new USB spaceball and maybe this will be my chance.

          Thanks for the "Hack"

            • Serial Spaceballs and 2008
              Jeff Holliday

              There is a new driver that works with 2008 for the newer (Traveler, voyager, pilot) 3DConnexion units. It can be downloaded from the 3D connexion website. It is not for the serial vesions though - bummer!
                • Serial Spaceballs and 2008
                  Thomas Harvey
                  Just for reference, I've been able to get three Spaceball 3003C's (Serial) up and running with SW 2008, using their existing drivers (version"3-6-3"? dated from back in 2004), and using the SW plug-in-only from the Spaceball 5000 USB driver file (version 3.5.6 is currently on the 3DConnexion 'site).

                  It's worked very well for me.

                  Also used the same set-up to get a 5000-Serial working with SW 2008.

                  Just thought I'd mention that the 2.8.2 is not the only driver version that will work with this "hack". The important part seems to be the updated SW plug-in.

                  Tom Harvey
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