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Heat Transfer coefficient

Discussion created by Fabio Naia on Nov 11, 2007
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...I´m using Floworks to simulate natural convection heat transferon a rectangular finned surface. The heat sink is made fromaluminum, the fluid is air, i Know the initial temperature of airand the initial temperature of the heat sink (same as the airtemperature). I also know the heat fluxon the lower base of theheat sink.As indicated by Floworks help topics I check the boxconsidering gravitational effects an started the transientsimulation.After the simulation I´m able to get the heat transfercoefficients on the heat sink. This is the point! How Floworkscansolve a heat transfer problem without knowing the heat transfercoefficient?? I tried to do the same simulation on otherFeasoftware and some of them can not start the simulation without agiven heat transfer coefficient...anyone knows what´s goingon?thanksfabio