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    James  Sidgwick

      I am setting up a Floworks project and need to check what themesh looks like. What is the best way of doing this? How should youknow how fine a mesh to use? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks,


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          Chris Michalski
          Star off by selecting "show basic mesh" - this shows what your initial mesh settings create (# of cells in x,y,z) - run the simulation, but only generate the mesh (unselect run solver) - load the results and right click mesh, 3d view and select what you want - normally show all fluid cells is best, it creates the full 3d cell structure showing where there are larger (less precise) cells and where the detail suggests smaller cells would be better - as for how fine a mesh, select the finest your computer can handle (more cells require more power) and temper it with how long you're willing to wait for an answer