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    Axi-Symmetric assembly

    Rudy Lyon
      Does anyone know of an efficient way of creating and converting 2D
      axi-symmetric layouts of assemblies into SW files? I work with a
      product where 95% of the assembly of 10-15 parts are axi-symmetric
      so the creation and layout of the product is done very efficiently
      in 2D.So my question is if there is a good 2D module where each
      layer (part) can be imported to SW to create models.
        • Axi-Symmetric assembly
          Anna Wood
          Without seeing a picture of your part/asm it is hard to give you advice.

          There is a geometric constraint called Symmetry that you can place on your sketch geometry. You can also Mirror in both your sketch or features.

          If you can post a screenshot of a typical assembly I am sure the folks here can give you some technigues for modeling processes. Or the areas that you are having trouble with.

          3D parametrics take a bit of a different thought process when creating models over 2D sketching. Once you get the hang of how to create 3D geometry it is very efficient.

            • Axi-Symmetric assembly
              Daniel Stroschine
              If these are dwg or dxf files and you have each part profile on aseparate layer it should be pretty easy. When you are importing adwg(or dxf) you can choose which layers to imported. So you canimport each part one at a time to create individual part files.Then you would have to remake the assembly. If however you want tohave SW take the entire file and remake the assembly automaticallyI am not sure you can do that.