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Library Feature Configuration Control

Question asked by Brian Donovan on Nov 9, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2007 by Brian Donovan

Anyone know if you can you control the configuration of a Library FEATURE on a DT?

i.e., $configuration@sae j1926-1 (rectangular face)<1> (<---Does not work..)

For Library ---> Features ---> inch ---> fluid power ports ---> "sae j1926-1 (rectangular face)"

I can control the state of this thread feature but not the configuration.

I can change it by editing it but not by the typical way via the properties dialog box.

This may be tied to the way your edit the features configuration via a custom dialog box rather than via the properties dialog box.

Any ideas/thoughts or experiences?

BTW: I tried searching just THIS forum and could not selectively do this although I did use the advanced search version and only highlighted this forum.